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About Chez Bruno

Fransk brasserie

Bruno was born and raised in France, where he started his career as a trained chef in Nantes in 1988. Subsequently followed employment as a cook at the restaurant L' Ecluse and La Maison du Denmark on the Champs -Elysées in Paris. Our next stop for the Frenchman with a passion for gourmet cuisine, was Michelin restaurant Kong Hans Basement in Copenhagen, where Bruno was hired as chef de partie in 1990.

After working hard in the kitchen at Restaurant Kong Hans Underground, with colleagues such as Daniel Letz was Bruno in 1993, called by the French military, to do his military service in France. Rather than serve in the military in the traditional manner, he was, however, offered to work as a private chef for General Bonavita and Médaille de la Defense National.

When Bruno returns to Denmark in 1994, appointed his deputy head at the Italian restaurant, Rugantino, after which he offered the post of deputy head at Restaurant Kong Hans Basement. He works so well together, with the former chef Daniel Letz, Bruno thank accepted the position as Head chef Daniel Letz newly opened restaurant, Le Saint Jacques in 1997.

After some years as a chef at Le Saint Jacques, Bruno turns back to Restaurant Rugantino in 2002. The first year is Bruno worked as deputy head, and the next 6 years as a chef . The next and last employment, the head chef at Café Theodore at Copenhagen City Heart, which lasts until the end of 2012.

After many years working in the service of others, and overall experience in the Danish, French and Italian cuisine, it is now so passionate Frenchman decided to take the plunge and realize his dream - his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a small cozy brasserie, with a focus on high quality food and space to be present with their visitors.

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